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Lisa Leonard
Founder & Exec. Producer
Frank Prater
Founder & Exec. Producer
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About Surf City Theatre Company
Frank Prater and Lisa Leonard began Surf City Theatre Company in January of 2012 with the idea of bringing high-quality, LA style theatre to the beach cities and the South Bay community as a whole.

Their idea for a singular, unique theatre experience that keeps the audience “in the show” instead of just “watching a play” has been roundly well received by their patrons.

This is grass-roots theatre at its best! As we always say, “You’d be surprised what you can accomplish with little to no $$ but a lot of guts and vision and the willingness to put it all on the line for a great show!!”

Welcome To Surf City Theatre Company!!

"Committed to bringing quality theater to the South Bay area..."
Healthy Life.Net Radio
"Secrets of the South Bay"
Interview of Lisa and Frank
aired 5/24/2013
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